Hack Austin 2022 has concluded. You can sign up for updates and information from us here!

An IRL hackathon [coding event]
for Austin high-schoolers to
build projects together

Join us and




dadaLab on Real St.


Beginner-friendly :)

Get updates!





Beginner-friendly :)

Get updates!

10 hours of fun, hacking, and workshops!

Hack Austin is a ten-hour event where high-school hackers from across the Austin area will come together to build apps, games, & much more with the power of code. There’ll be workshops to help you get started, mentors, food, and much more to help you build awesome things, and Hack Austin!

Build stuff!

By the end, you’ll have built something new and unique with your team!

Learn skills

You’ll learn tons of valuable programming skills from workshops and more!

Make connections

Over the course of the hackathon, you’ll meet fellow hackers and make something amazing together!


There will be tons of stickers provided by Hack Club and other vendors to cover your laptop with!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hacking? That sounds scary.

We’re not “hacking into the mainframe”, it’s being redefined as an umbrella term for coding and tinkering with computers.

I’m not very good at coding...

That’s OK! We’ll have workshops teaching you the basics of making websites, games, and more!

What should I bring?

Bring a laptop, chargers and anything else you’ll need for your hack (hardware?)!

Will food be provided?

Yes! Food and snacks will be provided throughout the event.

How much does entry cost?

Nothing at all! The event is 100% free of charge to all eligible hackers.

Do I need a team to join?

Nope! You’ll have dedicated time to meet new hackers and form teams [4 per. max] or work alone.

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